Nondestructive test your packaging

PakTest - Nondestructive test your packaging

Nondestructive test your packaging, so called BUBBLE TEST or LEAK TEST. This economic and simple device discovers tiny leakage on your product, weather it is packed in inert atmosphere or not. Test all kinds of packages, vacuum, rigid or soft. Used by quality control department or operators by the machines or in any other application, gives fast and efficient control on leaks. Your sensitive product should stay safe and its package should pair packaging machines in the most compatible way.

Work Principle

Just place your package into the chamber filled with water, turn on PakTest, and air from the headspace of the device is evacuated to preset vacuum value. This will cause immersed package to inflate in the water, and any leak and its location will cause stream of bubbles. Now it is clear where is the exact place of weak spot, bad sealing or packaging material. This kind of detection of leaks makes easier to approachcorrective measures you need to make, in order to have safe product on the production line. Change packaging parameters and condition more precisely and learn about packing good product, accordingly.

Technical characteristics:

Model: PakTest
Chamber material: Klirit® (PMMA)
Vacuum: 0 do -0.8 bar, adjustable
Vacuum generator: Venturi ejector
Number of preset vacuum testing values: 2
Compressed air supply: 6 to 8 bar
Model Chamber LxWxH [mm] Total LxWxH [mm]
PakTest S 270x220x210 290x240x330
PakTest M 320x220x210 340x240x330
PakTest L 370x250x230 390x270x350
PakTest XL 750x270x230 770x290x350